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  Información del Controlador
 Empresa   Conexant
 Modelo   rs56/sp-pci
 Sistema Operativo   Windows XP (Podría funcionar con otras versiones de este mismo sistema operativo.)
 Actualizado   Mar 16, 2002
 Ubicación   Este archivo se encuentra alojado en DriverGuide.com
 Archivo del driver   xp4683(russian).zip
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After three days and much frustration i finally found the xp driver. And it's all thanks to the comrades at www.hsf.fromru.com/drv1.html , who put the time and energy when neither microsoft nor connexant could be bothered. The driver works properly on my xp, as an added bonus the modem even stops making the bloody noise after the handshake unlike the generic one included with xp. The russian drivers package promises to contain drivers for all different HxF modems as well as utilities. Good luck everyone!
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